Research & development

Research and development

The building sector is undergoing a profound change in terms of conception and practise. With the advent of bioarchitecture, biobuilding and eco-sustainability, new concepts have been introduced. This has induced the building sector to research and develop new materials and technologies to meet the new needs of the market.

Research and development at our company focus on studying new technologies and products in order to improve PIETRAELITE®, creating new ones, or enhancing the production processes, with eco-sustainability and eco-compatibility always in mind.

Our technicians and researchers, in constant collaboration with an external laboratory (AllBright), are constantly seeking out new ideas for improving both the quality of the stone produced and for creating and developing new types of stone.

Social responsibility

At PIETRAELITE® we are firmly convinced that our company has a social duty. In fact for many years we have been organizing training projects as we are aware of the importance of the link between the world of production and the world of education. This means we can create work opportunities by dedicating considerable company resources and by working in projects involving social integration, education and culture, and mutual solidarity towards non-profit and eco-sustainability organizations.

PIETRAELITE® is constantly involved in the social field via active collaboration with the Social Services and National Health Institutes, as well as charitable foundations, in a attempt to improve the value of human resources by creating jobs and improving education. Social responsibility towards young people and the company's commitment to training and education is just one important aspect in a wider and more complex issue - the essential and constructive link between the world of production and the world of training.

We provide a lot of support for the SCUOLA-FORMAZIONE (school training) project, as well as projects for helping socially disadvantaged people get into the world of work, in collaboration with local social services.
Below we summarize areas that we are supporting through our collaboration with public and local organizations:
Social integration (workers placement project - situations regarding difficulties and hardships of families notified by the Social Services);
Mutual solidarity (financial support for projects of private institutes);
Education - culture (school project).
Environmental sustainability: the important research and development studies that are in constant evolution refer in particular to 'alternative projects' that have allowed us for several years to highlight interesting results in terms of reducing pollution, with a consequent positive impact on the environment and on the workers employed in the production cycle.