A new brand PIETRAELITE® has been launched with products all with the official quality certificates.
The company has also set up an industrial development program aimed at establishing an industrial production center for producing manufactured stone veneer that is as similar as possible to the features natural stone.

PietraElite® has consolidated over time its qualitative standards due to continual investment in research and technological development, to a highly flexible productive capacity, and a highly motivated young management. This has allowed the company to establish itself in a 'difficult' and highly competitive building market.
In order to be able to offer high technology project development in a constantly evolving market, PIETRAELITE® has, alongside its technical offices, a department dealing with prototypes and testing, simulations and samples. This allows for the development of new ideas, products and innovative technological production processes.

The range of PIETRAELITE® products is already wide, but is also in a state of constant evolution with new products being added, thanks to considerable investment in research and development.
Quality is seen by the company as the keystone, which can never be disregarded, thus attention to the smallest detail becomes indispensable. In several scientific laboratories, tests are constantly made on the raw materials that are used in the various production processes and on the final product. These tests highlight the resistance and inalterability over time of our range of products - in fact they are guaranteed for over 100 years.


Pietraelite produces stone veneer, strips and special pieces exclusively in Italy, according to a virtuous circle of production, designed to obtain maximum quality while protecting the environment. Only company to have control over the entire production cycle, PietraElite® realizes stone veneer with high quality ecological materials.